Non-employment due to pregnancy

Case example:

Derya is in the 10th week of pregnancy and is seeking a part-time job. After invitation to an initial interview, she regularly receives rejections as soon as she discloses her pregnancy.

Termination during probationary period

Case example:

Emma becomes pregnant during the three-month probationary period. The company terminates her at the end of the probationary period. The pregnancy is given as the reason: it was not considered reasonable to expect a pregnant woman to travel.


Case example:

Valentina is sick for a few days from time to time due to her pregnancy. As a result she receives condescending comments from her team: she's over-sensitive and is using her pregnancy as an excuse not to have to come to work. They compare her to another colleague who worked right up to the birth without taking any time off. When Valentina returns from her maternity leave, she is chased around by her boss so much that she doesn't have any time or peace to nurse.

Discriminatory termination

Case example:

Shortly before returning from her maternity leave, Elise receives the following information: the employment contract is to be terminated by mutual consent. Elise does not have to go back to work, but receives one more full month of pay. She was requested to sign a corresponding letter (termination agreement). At the same time she is notified that she will be terminated if she does not sign the letter.

Revenge termination

Case example:

Marija asks critical questions at her workplace regarding her rights as a mother and complains to the department manager about how badly she and other mothers are being treated at work. She is then terminated on the following day.